New Beginnings

Up to date

Let’s face it: When you move to the other side of the planet, it gets harder and harder to keep everyone you care about back home in the loop. You can try to keep a small inner circle, but even giving them updates and hearing about their lives on a daily or weekly basis can be challenging - not just because of the time difference. We’re adults, we all have our own lives and so much going on.

Personal News via Social Media?

Social Media seems to be a good way to keep a lot of friends, old and new, up to date. But how do you deliver extremely personal news? Well, you don’t. At least that’s what I’ve tried. But now reality is catching up and I realize that many people in my life are as curious as I would be in this situation - and ask a lot of questions about all the changes in my life that I didn’t put on Social Media. I’ve received multiple messages with questions about my latest couple picture post on Instagram. And yes, a lot of things have happened and changed in the past few years.

I would do the same

The thing is, that I really want to leave the past behind and don’t want to answer a bunch of questions about what happened, every time I post a photo of me and my boyfriend, although I more than understand, why people want to know. So I hope, this post can clear things up and, at the same time, help me move on. I don’t want to keep talking about and explaining my failed marriage, because I have moved on in real life. And I truly hope you can empathize with that.

A few last words about the past

Let’s start with the obvious: I got divorced. The reasons for that are many. It wasn’t an easy decision, but when I think about how bumpy my whole marriage was, then I must say, it was long overdue. I don’t want to go into detail too much. Just this much: The marriage started with big lies. Shortly after the wedding I found out that my new husband wasn’t faithful to me during our long-distance relationship. This was the beginning of the end. I tried to forgive and forget. For a long time. But I couldn’t. Instead I uncovered more and more lies over time. I turned into this extremely jealous wife monster, wasn’t able to trust him anymore. And this really ruined everything in the end. So I was told. Marriage counseling, which I set up as a last try to make things work, wasn’t very successful either and so we separated in the summer of 2018.

A new chapter

Since then I have focused on learning about myself, my passions and the things that make me happy. I found a (side) job that is meaningful and truly fulfills me. I moved to a cute little apartment. And while I was so focused on rebuilding my life from scratch, a special someone found his way into my heart. Simply by being real, honest, compassionate and caring. I’m pretty sure that I want to share more about us in the future. But for now, I just want to be. Happy.